Skin Repair Moisturiser




I am a firm believer in keeping a skincare routine simple. It is so much easier to do this if you have products that you can trust.

My Skin Repair Moisturiser started its life many years ago as a Nourishing Moisturiser, a simple light moisturiser that could be used day and night.  This proved to be hugely popular but I was keen to introduce ingredients that would culminate in a product that not only softened and moisturised but with the added benefit of using a derma roller, would allow the ingredients to sink deep into the skin to help repair marks left by acne, soften skin that has been dried out due to the overuse of antibiotics and Roaccutane and reduce fine lines.

My Skin Repair Moisturiser works well with or without a derma roller.   I am a huge fan of derma rollers as they can undo damage inflicted on the skin from acne and from the use of harsh acne products and acne medication.

Let me share with you the amazing ingredients included in my Skin Repair Moisturiser:

  • Coenzyme Q10. –  For skin protection
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Intensely hydrating and often referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’.
  • Collagen Boost – To increase the renewal of collagen
  • Vitamin E – Gentle, kind, protective and nourishing
  • Organic Thistle Oil – Containing Omega 6 fatty acids included to reduce inflammation
  • Organic Camellia Seed Oil – To promote beautiful skin often referred to as ‘Geisha’s secret.’
  • Organic Rosehip Seed Oil – With the use of a derma roller helps to reduce open pores and boosts the resilience of sensitive skin – Containing naturally occurring vitamin A
  • Organic Pomegranate Glycerol Extract – Seals in moisture to keep the skin supple

I do not make or promote medicated acne products and will never use harsh drying ingredients in any of my products as acne is far better addressed inside out rather than outside in.

You have my guarantee that this product is suitable for the most delicate skin types.

Vegan Friendly