Cleansing Milk




It is my belief that a skincare routine should be simple and easy – personally I dislike fuss!

I am not a believer in harsh anti-bacterial astringents even though these are the weapons of choice for many acne sufferers. When acne is resolved from the inside, in the correct manner, the skin blossoms especially when the cleansing products used are natural, organic and most importantly, gentle.

My cleansing milk is perfectly simple to use:

With warm water, rinse your skin and then apply a small amount of cleansing milk into the palm of your hand, gently rub your hands together and apply to your face. With a gentle motion lightly rub over your skin and ideally with a moist soft face cloth (particularly important if you have used several layers of foundation), apply to your skin to remove impurities.  Finally, splash your face with warm water to remove any final traces of cleanser. Pat dry and apply moisturiser.

No need for toners.

I have chosen to include, organic witch hazel with organic vegetable glycerol extract along with beta detergent (derived from coconuts) as mild but effective cleansing agents.

I have included organic vitamin E and organic camellia seed oil to soften, seal in moisture and to protect the skin.

I adore my cleansing milk as it keeps my skin soft smooth and radiant. I hope that you will love it too.

You have my guarantee that this product is suitable for the most delicate skin types.

Vegan Friendly