acne clinic


Please note that I work strictly on a referral basis as I find that this allows me to work with like minded people who are looking to address the root cause of acne.  When you are booking your consultation please add into the notes the person who has referred you please.

Consultations are available on a Monday or Tuesday of each week.

The initial consultation includes:

A 30 minute consultation via Zoom/ FaceTime / Skype

A step by step skincare plan based on your health and skin issues. 

One weekly check in per week for a total of 4 weeks by telephone/ Zoom / FaceTime or Skype to ensure that you are getting results. 

At times it can take longer to address the underlying health issues related to acne depending upon diet, lifestyle choices and the level of antibiotics used, this is particularly the case with cystic acne. 

Additional consultations are available for these patients as alterations may need to be made to skincare plans in order to achieve good results.  

Patients can book consultations online on a 30 minute booking and will be charged per 10 minutes plus any additional time required to adjust skincare plans.

Costs as follows:

Initial consultation:  £240.00

Per 10 minutes:      Telephone:   £25.00

                                Zoom/Facetime/Skype: £20.00