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                           Digestive Health

The majority of my patients are highly successful people from the world of entertainment and sport. They care about looking after their bodies and are very careful to eat correctly and come to my clinic to source the root cause of their acne.

That is not to say that many of my patients have not used prescription medication. The majority of my patients have worked through every conceivable drug and anti-bacterial skincare product and this has led them to the realisation that there must be a deeper reason for acne and they are correct.

The cause of acne affects the workings of the digestive system. More for some people than for others depending upon diet and other lifestyle choices. This is why for some people acne can be mild but for others it can escalate into something that leaves deep scarring.

Take a look through this list and see if you can recognise any of the symptoms.

  • Feeling hungry all the time and rarely ever feeling full despite eating a lot of food
  • Feeling starving but feeling full very quickly after eating. Experiencing gas coming up from the stomach into your mouth
  • Burning in the stomach
  • Heartburn / acid reflux
  • Burping after eating
  • Feeling that food is lying in your stomach for long periods of time
  • Stomach pain teamed up with experiencing a lot of wind when going to the toilet
  • Irritable if skipping a meal or having a late breakfast
  • Headaches that lead to vomiting
  • For many acne sufferers the underlying cause of acne can relate to low stomach acid. Even in cases where acid seems high it can be a case of too much of the wrong acid.

The body needs stomach acid to break down and to absorb nutrients from food. The stomach produces two types of acid.  For some acne sufferers their stomach only produces one type of acid and in these cases depending upon the diet, this can go on to cause severe internal inflammation.  For severe forms of acne, it always relates to stomach health. 

At my clinic I use hair analysis by Trace Minerals along with blood tests to scientifically identify deficiencies. In this way the underlying cause of acne can be treated.