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“Accutane ruined my life. Ended my football career, horrible stuff.”

It makes sense that we seek advice on how to clear acne from our dermatologists but few people look to achieve long term results and many of my patients have experienced negative side effects from the use of prescription medication. Why?

Medical studies have proven inconclusive as to the cause of acne. Dermatologists are working from theories thus the use of drugs and strong antibacterial solutions are prescribed on what could be classed as a hit or miss basis. When one drug fails to work, another is prescribed until finally the list has ran out.

Over the years I have worked with many doctors who have sought my advice to clear their own skin and that of their children because they themselves have tried everything and were at a loss as to what to do next.  

 Acne is currently treated as a singular problem.

  • Do acne sufferers have other health issues?  Yes
  • Are these health issues caused by certain deficiencies? In the majority of cases yes
  • When the health issues are treated does the skin clear? Yes

The cause of acne is not the same for everyone. In some cases deficiencies can be corrected quickly and results are tremendous but for others whose deficiencies have continued sometimes from birth they have ended up with many health issues resulting in food disorders and eating from a very small group of foods. In some cases it becomes impossible for me to resolve acne or the health issues that continue if the diet is lacking in protein and fat and if my patient is not prepared to expand their diet.  If you can relate to this it is essential that you make me aware of this prior to booking a consultation as it maybe that you will need to seek help with your food disorder issue prior to seeking my help.