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“Accutane ruined my life. Ended my football career, horrible stuff.”

It makes sense that we seek advice on how to clear acne from our dermatologists but few people look to achieve long term results and many of my patients have experienced negative side effects from the use of prescription medication. Why?

Medical studies have proven inconclusive as to the cause of acne. Dermatologists are working from theories thus the use of drugs and strong antibacterial solutions are prescribed on what could be classed as a hit or miss basis. When one drug fails to work, another is prescribed until finally the list has ran out.

It is even more concerning when you learn that I have worked with many doctors who have sought my advice to clear their own skin and that of their children.

Something is clearly wrong with the system.

From working with over 2000 patients since opening my clinic in 2007, I have built up a database that pairs spot types with other health issues that are not actively considered to be related. The first mistake being made is that our dermatologists are not being provided with training that encompasses any studies that link health issues to different forms of acne. The reason why is that there are no studies. This leads acne to be treated as a singular problem.

The first error leads to the second error by treating all forms of acne in the same manner albeit anti-bacterial solutions are prescribed for minimal acne, moving towards the contraceptive pill, antibiotics, Accutane to steroids depending upon the severity.

  • Do acne sufferers have other health issues?  Yes
  • Do I see these same health issues over and over again at my clinic? Yes
  • When I treat these health issues, does the skin clear up? Yes

The third error is that many acne sufferers are looking for the one miracle cream or lotion, drug or supplement. The fact that there are so many people online sharing what has worked for them indicates that we are all different and that with trial and error some have stumbled upon something that works and feel that as it worked for them it will work for everyone. The thought process continues that there is only one cause of acne.

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It is my hope to have my new book finished by the end of 2021.