For many health practitioners working in the health industry can be both rewarding and alarming.
Simple health problems such as IBS, gastritis, acne, anxiety and depression, which every practitioner should be able to treat naturally, are often passed from ‘specialist’ to ‘specialist’ and prescribed a host of different drugs which fail to address the root cause of the problem.
The pharmaceutical companies have done a magnificent job promoting drugs as the only ‘scientific’ way to treat health issues. They continue to spread the idea that any other form of health treatment is ‘dangerous’. They fund all the medical research,  financially rewarding  doctors who promote their products to an innocent public. 
Prior to the existence of Big Pharma, medical scientists discovered the chemicals the body depends upon to work efficiently. These chemicals were listed into categories as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Yet the essential knowledge to finely tune the body using these nutrients is not passed on to our doctors or for that matter to our psychologists who are dealing with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.
Opting to believe that the body is simple to repair by finely tuning the nutrients contained in it, has allowed me to be able to successfully offer my clients a natural way out of many health issues. Offering cancer support to ensure the liver can excrete toxins during chemo has allowed my patients to suffer minimal side effects and to make a full recovery.
 For the moment as I work on writing my research papers, my clinic is closed. For those with an open mind who truly believe, like I do, in a scientific approach to health, I have included lots of valuable information on my site that you may wish to read. 
“Thank you for all your help, over the years with (my daughters) skin. You truly changed her life. It was such a difficult time and having gone through so many different options desperate to find answers, I will never forget the day (my daughter) and I walked out our consultation with you and were in tears, not only did you listen to us you cared . Your advice was a break through.”
The research you are doing is unparalleled, and I’ve no doubt that it will be very readily received. There are so many people who suffer these problems and who are never fortunate enough to find a practitioner with the right expertise – and who doesn’t peddle pills – to cure it.”
“I just wanted to write you a mail on how incredible i found last year to be in terms your work and how it transformed my skin and my life. A thank you seems weightless in comparison. You taught me the importance of diet – in a healthy, sustained and nourishing way. Incredible knowledge. My skin is basically spotless now, Im so happy. I recommend you to literally everyone and hope you get some referrals from me… you were life changing, thank you a million times.” All love.